How to remove black and dark spots from the face naturally

By | September 19, 2012

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Now you can remove dark and black spots/marks from the skin or face with the following tips to remove dark and black marks  from face.


pigmentation of skin i.e blakening of skin is a very serious issue,due to which the inner layer of the skin get damaged and results in changed skin colour.To overcome this problem here are some home made remedies which are cheap and effective:


Cream:This method will keep your skin healthy and fresh.Use some fresh cream with lemon juice and paste it on your skin for few minutes.This will help to remove pimples and dust particles from the skin.




Herbal leaves:you can use herbal leaves with lemon juice instead of fresh cream.This will reduce the black circles and dark spots from the skin.You will also notice that skin become shinny after doing this and you will feel happy.


Cucumber juice:This will also help to reduce the marks and spots on the skin.


Cumin seed:boil the cumin seeds in water and clean your face with this.This will enhance your beauty by reducing dark spots.


Banana:make a paste of banana and use it on your face.This will reduce dark spots and wrinkles.


Rose water:use rose water along with lemon juice daily.After half hour wash your face with natural soap.


Use this paste:take some milk,honey,lemon juice and dry fruits oil in equal quantity and make a paste of it.Now use it on the dark spots or on other marks on the skin and keep it for 20 minutes and then wash your face.You can keep this paste in your fridge for one week.This will help you to remove the every stubbarn dark spot.


You can also use tomato with lemon juice on you skin and see the results within one week.


Alovera gell is very useful to remove any kind of dark spot and make your skin clean.To enhance its functionability use 2-3 vitamin E capsules in it.




Drink water in large amount every day,this will remove the unhealthy and waste components from the body.And helps to remove the nails,dark spots and wrinkles from the skin  and makes your skin shinny.


HEALTHY FOOD AND AIR:if your skin is not healthy then it is very important to have a healthy diet  and make sure that you are enhaling some fresh air every day.These both things are very important for skin health.


Hope this will help  you to remove dark and black spots/marks from the skin or face with the following tips to remove dark and black marks from face.


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